Center Pivot Irrigation Accessories

Center Pivot Irrigation Accessories

Superior Quality Pivot Products

  • Top quality plastic materials
  • Clean threading and matched fit
  • Super strong UV inhibitors for long life
  • Designed for corrosive conditions and severe weather
  • All production and secondary operations completed in-house
  • Rigorous testing and quality standards

Lincoln Plastics specializes in providing:

  • Multiple stocked configurations
  • Custom designs, materials, sizes and lengths
  • In-house engineering and design capabilities
  • Short lead times
  • 100% guaranteed - two year product warranty

Horizontal Tabs

Drop Pipes
Drop Pipes

Multiple Materials and Configurations Add to Your Bottom Line

  • Low Density Polyethylene
  • Medium Density Polyethylene
  • Polypropylene
  • PVC
  • Multiple banding options
  • 'Combo' Drops with hose available
  • Exceptional performance in corrosive conditions and severe weather
Hose Weights
Hose Weights

Our Polyethylene Weights are Nearly Indestructible

  • Proper hose length and spacing are critical for efficient water application
  • Our weights help your customers maintain optimum height above ground
  • Keeps hoses hanging straight
  • Completely reliable thread and slip configurations
Drive Shaft Shields & U Joint Covers
Drive Shaft Shields & U Joint Covers

Top Quality, Safe and Reliable Drive Shaft Covers and Bells

  • Increase your customer loyalty by adding their logo on 'U' joint bells
  • Multiple tube diameter options give you flexibility in aftermarket sales
  • Custom Drive Shaft Shield lengths gives you additional 'value-add' for new designs
  • Keeps drive trains clean and farmers safe from accidental entanglement
PVC U Pipes & Hose Weights
PVC U Pipes & Hose Weights

Multiple Options Give You More Ways to Serve Your Customers

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  • Perfect matched fit guaranteed
  • Clean threads
  • Stainless steel inserts to reinforce thread areas
  • Excellent in corrosive water environments