We have a strong history of helping our current industry partners succeed.

We have led the way by partnering with our center pivot irrigation customers to develop cutting-edge extruded products, including:

  • Drop pipes
  • Hose weights
  • Drive shaft shields and "U" joint covers
  • PVC "U" pipes and hose weights

Flexible plastic cord covers and cable management solutions have been a staple Lincoln Plastics product for over 50 years and include:

And, for your next custom profile project, Lincoln Plastics is here to help. We have the capability of 2.5" and 3.5" Extruders, 0.5" - 13" Flat Extrusions, 0.5" - 13" Round Extrusions, with the ability to run resins that will meet your specifications

Please visit the proprietary product links to the left or request a quote on your custom profile extrusion project today!