PCE, Inc. Plastics Group Attending PackExpo

PCE, Inc. Plastics Group Attending PackExpo

The PCE, Inc Plastics Group is headed to Las Vegas the week of September 25th to attend the 2017 PackExpo International show.  The Show focuses on the area of advanced packaging solutions in a wide variety of industries and is held in accordance with the Healthcare Packaging Expo.  The Healthcare Packaging Expo is one of the most comprehensive pharmaceutical product and medical device packaging shows being held this year.

Many of those exhibiting at the show will be showcase the latest technologies, material solutions, and equipment in the molding industry.  This gives our companies the opportunities to see what is new to the market and allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technology and have the most up-to-date and advanced plastic molding facilities possible.

The PCE, Inc. Plastics Group consists of three companies, each specializing in a specific area of plastic molding.  Apex Plastics is located in Brookfield, MO and specializes in manufacturing blow-molded plastics bottles, containers, canisters and custom shapes.  HTI Plastics is located in Lincoln, NE and specializes in the production of custom injection-molded plastic products, and Lincoln Plastics, which is also located in Lincoln, NE specializes in custom plastic profile extruded products.

Representatives of each company will be attending the show.  If you see a member of our team be sure to say hello.  We would be happy to talk to you more about our companies and our capabilities.

To learn more about our companies, please click the company name to visit their website.

Apex Plastics

HTI Plastics

Lincoln Plastics