Investing in Quality is an Investment in our Customers

Investing in Quality is an Investment in our Customers

Lincoln Plastics has invested over $500,000 in the last few years to improve quality and capabilities.

At Lincoln Plastics we take pride in what we do, and that is reflected in the quality of products we produce.  This commitment to quality can be seen at all levels of our company, from the President on down.  We are an ISO 9001 Certified plastic profile extrusion company with standardized quality and lean manufacturing practices. In addition, our Quality Assurance System is in place to expand "Quality" to total customer satisfaction. 

This past year we furthered our investment in producing quality products by purchasing a new “profile table” sizing system, a new Flow-Tech base tool, and inline Quality Control equipment for two of our extrusion lines.  The profile table allows us to produce more intricate and higher tolerance profiles.  These tables are used for producing parts that have small cross-sections of various shapes.  The Flow Tech base tool allows us to charge less for tooling.  By having this special base tool, we need only make a ‘lip plate’ and the associated ‘sizer’ plates which saves the customer money and cuts the tool development time almost in half.  The flow tech system is limited to profiles with a maximum width of 4”.  This new base tool can work with the Profile Table mentioned above or used independently.

Our Zumbach QC system has been added to two of our extrusion lines and is used for pipe.  It allows us to precisely measure and maintain several critical dimensions like wall thickness, ovality, wall consistency and centering.  We also have laser printers on each line that allow us to place date, time and other information on the pipe and profiles for QC tracking purposes.  The QC equipment also reduces setup and processing time, as well as reduces start up scrap.  In addition to improving our quality, these investments also greatly expand our capabilities. 

These investments will help us achieve our number one goal at Lincoln Plastics, which is offering exceptional customer service.  Our people are experts in the field of plastic profile extrusion.  We are here to work with you every step of the way through your project.   If you are in need of high quality custom plastic profile extrusion, and want to work with a small company with big capabilities give us a call at 877.828.5448 or visit us at