Plastic Profile Extrusion

Plastic Profile Extrusion

Custom Plastic Profile Extrusion Experts

Whether you have your own plastic extrusion tooling/dies or you would like us to build molds for you, let's work together to get the job done.

Our specialty is manufacturing custom profile extrusions with polyethylene, ridged PVC, flexible PVC, and polypropylene.  We have the ability to run any plastic resin to meet your specifications.  Check out our plastic profile capabilities.

We have produced a wide variety of proprietary agricultural and electrical products buat are primarily focused on producing custom designed extrusions based on your specifications.  We have the capacity to produce plastic profiles and round shapes with a width or diameter up to approximately 13 inches.

We are the premier choice for your next profile extrusion project.

  • We have the capabilities to produce in high volume capacities 
    - We will be able to flex with your growth
  • We're strategically located in the heartland
    - Saving you significant logistical costs
  • We can accommodate short lead times with on-time delivery
    - Reducing your inventory costs
  • We have no minimum order requirements
    - Giving you maximum flexibility
  • We are ISO 9001 Certified plastic profile extrusion facility 
    - You have the assurance of working with a company that adheres to internationally recognized quality and manufacturing practices
  • We can meet your specifications with shapes, colors, and in-house finishing capabilities
    - We are a one-stop shop for your extrusions and secondary activities


In the end, our strength consists in our outstanding people, many who have been with our company for several years.  They are dedicated to systematic thinking, employing consistent plastics manufacturing controls to ensure we have repeatable profile extrusion processes.

We work with your existing product and extrusion dies or help you redesign and redeloy your products.  Please let us provide you a quote on your next plastic extrusion project.